Connolly Station - Terminus for trains from West of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Dart Services from Dun Laoghaire Ferrryport. 4 mins walk
Take the lift/escalator down from the main station area to ground level.  When outside you will see Talbot Street in front of you, with a small  green convenience store (Centra) on the corner. Walk down Talbot Street  towards The Spire of Dublin, a giant metal monument which is visible in  the skyline throughout Dublin. About 200 metres down Talbot Street you  will come to the junction with Lower Gardine Street. At this junction  turn right and Durban house is located about 20 metres further on the  right of Lower Gardiner Street.
Heuston Station - Terminus for trains from South and Southwest Ireland. 5 mins by bus
Walk outside the front door of the station and in front of you there are  bus stops for a number of routes. The number 90 bus runs frequently  (several times per hour) from Heuston Station and takes approximately 5 minutes to reach the city centre. The cost per person is 95 cents. This  bus terminates at Connolly Station so from here one can use the  directions above to locate the Durban House. Alternatively a taxi rank  is located to the side of Heuston Station. The fare direct to the Durban House is approximately 6 euro.
Busaras (Central Bus Station) - Coach services from the entire island, U.K. and continental Europe. 3 mins walk
Walk outside the front door of the station, cross the road and keep to the left. Simply walk around the corner (to the right) here and you come  onto Lower Gardiner Street. The Durban house is located approximately 65 metres up this street on the right.
Dun Laoghaire Ferryport - Ferries from Holyhead and Merseyside. 15 mins by car/rail
On foot- The most cost effective way to reach us by foot is by using The  DART (Electric Train) which runs along the entire coast of Dublin. The  DART sation in Dun Laoghaire is located within the confines of the  ferryport. The cost for a one-way ticket to Connlly Station is 3.50 euro  approximately. Please be sure to take the Northbound DART towards the  city-centre. By car- Turn right upon departure from the ferryport & follow Road  signs listed as: "AN LAR" or "CITY CENTRE".(2) Upon arrival at the city  centre, you must cross the river Liffey. (3) Watch for the gray iron  railway bridge on poles, known locally as the LOOPLINE RAILWAY BRIDGE  crossing the Liffey, downstream on the right, as you cross the liffey.  (4) Follow the Loopline railway bridge onto Beresford Place, from EDEN  Quay. Turn left on Beresford Place onto Lower Gardiner Street. The  Durban house is located on the right of Lower Gardiner Street.
Dublin Port - Ferries from Holyhead and Merseyside. 5 mins by car/bus
Dublin Ferryport is located at the mouth of the Liffey, downstream from,  but closest to the city centre, on the north bank of the river liffey.  Irish Ferries & Stena both operate services from here. From our  location, it is easiest of the 2 Ferryports to access, as it is  relatively nearby. There is no regular bus service to & from Dublin  Port, but Shuttle buses are laid on by Dublin Bus to meet most scheduled  arrivals & departures. These bus services operate from The Central  Bus Station, and operate according to Ferry arrival & departure  times. For those with cars (1) Turn LEFT onto EAST WALL ROAD upon leaving  Dublin Port. (2)Turn RIGHT onto NORTH WALL QUAY. (3)Take a LEFT onto the  FIRST LIFFEY BRIDGE. (4) Take a RIGHT onto GEORGES QUAY, & get into  the lane closest to the river. (5) Take the NEXT RIGHT onto the 2ND  LIFFEY BRIDGE. Cross this bridge, do not turn left. Get ready to take a  left turn onto Lower Gardiner Street. The Durban House is located on  your right.
Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport is situated on the outer north west suburbs of the city,  about 35 minutes drive from the city centre. Dublin Bus operate the 747  Express service from outside the Airport Arrivals Terminal & the  Central Bus Station, 7 days a week. This service stops on 'O Connell  Street upon arrival in the City Center. Do not get off here. Wait until  the Bus stops at the Central Bus Station. Your walk to The Durban house  will then be approx 3 minutes only, which (with baggage) is much shorter  than the walk from 'O Connell Street! You may also use the 748 service  from outside the Airport Arrivals Terminal. This service also stops on  'O Connell Street upon arrival in the City Center. Do not get off here.  Wait until the Bus stops at the Central Bus Station, but make sure to  get off this Bus upon arrival at the Central Bus Station, as it then  continues on its journey to connect with the Train Stations. The  combined 747 & 748 service run as frequently as every 10 minutes, 7  days a week.
First Bus from Dublin Airport 05:45 First Bus from Dublin Airport 07:15
Last Bus from Dublin Airport 23:30 Last Bus from Dublin Airport 23:30
Dublin Bus have an information desk at the arrivals hall, where tickets  can be purchased for the Airlink & other services. Tickets can also  be purchased from the bus driver. Tickets to the Central Bus Station  cost €5.00, approximately.
Taxi Services operate all hours from outside the Arrivals Terminal. The  fare is metered, & passengers are entitled to a printed cash  receipt. The approximate fare to the city-centre is €22.



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