10 Top Attractions in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most popular city breaks in Europe, plenty of tourist attractions to see. In this article, we will write about the most popular 10 tourist attractions in Dublin Ireland.

1.Guinness Storehouse

One of the symbols of Ireland and Dublin. Guinness is the most famous beer in Ireland. This seven-floor building was built originally in 1902 and it has different things to experience; exhibition starts on the ground floor with the main 4 ingredients and a small introduction of the process is made the Guinness. The second floor is dedicated to the history of Guinness and promo about the brand and responsible drinking. The rest of the floors are for regular exhibitions. The last floor is reserved to the Gravity bar where you can enjoy the taste of Guinness with a fantastic view of Dublin.

2. National Museum of Ireland

Established in 1877, the Museum of Ireland offers all kind of exhibitions but the accent is put on National history and on the art. This free of charge attraction have around 800.000 people per year.

3.Temple Bar

The name of the Temple Bar street come from the Temple family that in early 1600 made a house and a garden there. Unlike other parts of Dublin's city center, it is promoted as Dublin's cultural quarter and has a lively nightlife that is popular with tourists.

temple bar dublin

4.Chester Beatty Library


The library was founded in 1950 on the Ship street great in Dublin. Library displays all kind of manuscript, paintings, and other items connected with Sacred Tradition or Artistic Tradition. The library is also a prime source for both Old and New testaments.The museum contains a number of priceless objects.

. Phoenix Park

707 hectares of the park is one of the largest parks in Europe. Opens 24 hours a day 7 days a week. About 30% of the park is covered by trees. Includes the residence of the President of Ireland and many other historic buildings.

Also, the Zoo is very near to the Park.

6. Dublin Castle

One of our favorite places, a center of the historical part of Dublin and one of the iconic symbol of the Irish history. Dublin castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Built in 1204, Dublin castle offers a unique experience and wonderful time spends inside or outside in the botanical garden that was complete and open in 16 century.

7.Malahide Castle

Another castle in Dublin surroundings, worth visiting. The whole complex is 1,1 km2 including a fantastic castle and really nice gardens. The Castle tour is free and offers a quick view of the history of the Castle.

8.Leinster House

Leinster House was a ducal palace. Since 1922 served as parliament. The building has two main entrances. The original building comprises three storeys over a basement. The greatest part of the building is of Limestone from Ardbraccan.

9.Spire of Dublin

The Spire of Dublin, alternatively titled the Monument of Light, is a large, stainless steel, pin-like monument 120 meters in height, located on the site of the former Nelson's Pillar on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland. Although it was constructed in near past in 2002 Spire of Dublin is one of the places that you should visit because of the interesting look.

10. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

This amazing Cathedral is worth to visit in Dublin. Reminds me of the TV Show of Game of Thrones.

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