Things to visit in Dublin

Sometimes when we travel to another country for holidays or work, we want to know what are the most recommendable touristy attractions to get to know the city and don't miss anything.

If you are planning to visit Dublin you will find hundreds and hundreds of lists telling you what is the most important thing to visit.

I pick up for you few attractions in Dublin that you can't miss it


Every time that friends are coming over from other countries we take them to Guinness Brewery. Why not? You will have an incredible experience that includes how they make one of the most famous beers in the World, includes a taste of this dark drink and a final try at the most scenic view from Dublin, the top floor of the building.

2- Stephen's Green

The park is adjacent to one of Dublin's main shopping streets, Grafton Street, and to a shopping center named for it, while on its surrounding streets are the offices of a number of public bodies and the city terminus of one of Dublin's Luas tram lines.

When is sunny everyone enjoys catching up, sunbathing, having some drinks, etc. One of my favorite parks in Dublin.

3- Spire

We call it "The Monument of Dublin" it's a big thing to see, it looks like a needle and it's pretty impressive. Alternatively titled the Monument of Light, is a large, stainless steel, pin-like monument 120 metres in height. It's the best meeting point in Dublin.

The monument was commissioned as part of a street layout redesign in 1999.

4- Temple Bar

This is not a Bar is an area of Dublin city center where you can find pubs, restaurants and it's one of the most famous streets worldwide. Enjoy one of your favorite pints, live music and good crowd at TEMPLE BAR.

Also, you can visit the Irish and international craft beer in the legendary venue called The Temple Bar. Don't forget to take a picture!

5- Top Spots

Instead of explaining you each one of these amazing spots, I rather prefer you to see the picture, you will understand why you must visit them

- St Patricks cathedral
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st patrick cathedral dublin

- Molly Malone Statue
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molly malone statue dublin

- Christ Church Cathedral
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Christ Church Cathedral

- National Museum
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National Museum Dublin

Do you know where to sleep in your visit to Dublin? that's easy, with us!! Don't forget to book with our website, we are located in Dublin City Centre.