The Seasons in Ireland

The Spring has come in Ireland, but a bit early that you think. In Ireland, the seasons are a bit different.

Ireland has Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Every each of this season has its own beauty.

Winters are not so cold but on the other side, summers are not hot. If you don’t know when to come to Ireland, you will find rain probably every month, but maybe May, June are the best months. Also, September is usually a very mild month.


Wintertime in Ireland

From November to January, the green vegetation and the ocean around the island, Ireland usually don’t have harsh winters. The average temperature in winter is around 5ºC. From time to time we have some seasons where is very cold. 2009/10 some parts arrived -18ºC. Ireland doesn’t have high mountains, therefore, we don’t really see much snow.

Although you’ll have the same 40 shades of green (with brilliant winter reds and golds tossed in for contrast) and the same warm welcome.

Springtime in Ireland

In spring (February to April) Ireland is getting more beautiful when the snow and cold are gone. Emerald Island is in full beauty when spring has come. The average temperature in Ireland for spring is around 11ºC.

Summertime in Ireland

From May to July, the averages for highest temperatures are between 17ºC and 20ºC. Many people visit Ireland in Summer. Most of the festivals are in May and June. You can enjoy with film festivals, concerts, cultural exhibitions, etc. The Irish countryside you can truly enjoy with wonderful picnics and fantastic hikes.

Autumn time in Ireland

From August to October, long days start to get shorter, kids are back to school on the first of September. Usually, we have a very warm week in September called Indian but after that, we know that the rainy days are about to start.

For those who love to go outside, we recommend visiting Deer Park in Sligo, Raven Point Nature Reserve and several other national parks and place where you can enjoy the wonderful nature.

Choose whenever you want to come, Ireland will offer you some beauty, no matter when you decide to visit this wonderful country.

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