I know, I know, 200 days until Christmas, it seems a long way, but sometimes I get a bit Christmassy during the Summer. I am not saying that I miss cold, but I love the festivity and everything that’s involved with it.

The 12 Pubs of Christmas said to have started in Ireland about 10 years ago. The idea is simple: wear the most glittery Christmas jumper you can find.

In order to survive to that liver-shocking, here there are 4 big recommendations:

1- Just one drink for pub, you are going to be drinking at 12 different places, don’t overload your liver.

2- Eat! Don’t forget eating it will help you to keep going

3- Take it easy, don’t need to go fast… you will assimilate better the alcohol.

4- Drink water too!! It will help you to get through.

12 Pubs of Crawl Ireland

Popular rules:

  • Everyone must wear a Christmas themed jumper or dress as Santa or one of his elves.

  • Silent Pub – A pub will be assigned the silent pub, the group are not allowed to talk when inside.

  • No Swearing – Bad language is not allowed, either in a single pub or all 12 pubs.

  • No toilet – None of the group are allowed to visit the toilet in designated pubs.

  • Guinness only – Only a pint of the black stuff is allowed to be ordered.

  • Left-handed – Drink using your left hand only, left-hand people must use their right.

  • Left person – Feed the pint to the person on your left.

  • No names – Nobody is allowed to be called by their name.

  • Pub crawl – A round of pints must be bought by crawling on hands & knees.

  • Father Jack – Quote Father Jack for every sip of drink. Quotes already said are not allowed.

  • No phones – Phones must be switched off until the 12 nights of Christmas is finished.

  • Carol singing – Each person sing a Christmas carol or a snippet in at least one pub.

Advice! Don’t take the rules very serious….. The goal is to have fun, make new friends and don’t get wasted or do something that you will regret the next day!